Why choose INOX Manifolds of Jupiter?

Why should you choose for an INOX Manifold?

Maybe you are still doubting; is it going to be a normal, cheaper manifold or do I choose for a perfect and sustainable INOX manifold?

Short term vs. Long term with an INOX manifold

It makes sense that the cheaper manifold seems to be the better choice at first hand. You directly save ‘a few quids’.
But what about the long term?

Looking long term, more reasons to choose for an INOX manifold appear, with one of them, for example, being the higher expenses with steel manifolds when not choosing for an INOX manifold.

An INOX manifold of Jupiter has the unique advantage of not polluting the connected system with oxidation (rust) debris.
Why is this the case and how does this work? We gladly explain that using five general facts.

  • INOX manifolds will never rust.
    • Coated or steel manifolds will always rust at some point in time.
  • The water in the system remains clean from oxidation (rust) debris.
    • If and only if no other rust-causing parts are connected.
  • Connected parts have a longer life since the water in the system remains perfectly clean with an INOX manifold.
    • This saves money and is more sustainable!
  • Maintenance is less intensive and less required due to the clean system water.
    • This saves money and is more sustainable!
  • The life of the INOX manifold is because of the absence of oxidation superior to those of alternative solutions.
    • This saves money and is more sustainable!

As you can see, five reasons are already present, to argue for why one of our INOX manifolds is cheaper and better to choose for. Apart from these five reasons, more advantages and reasons to choose for our manifolds are present per different project.

Are you still doubting?

If you are doubting about your choice, then please contact us! We are pleased and ready to help you in choosing the best solution.

Our employees can almost all of the times help you directly. If this is yet not the case, then we will consult with our technical coworkers such that you receive the best possible advice from our side.

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